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Rent to own for only $9.99 a month!

Why decide for rent to own model?

We want Bellabee, the most affordable brain training Neuromodulation device on the market, available to everyone. Our rent-to-own model gives you a chance to test the device with the smallest financial obligation possible.

• Hundreds of reviews from other Bellabee users

• List of specialists offering professional help

• How to use Bellabee in combination with Neurofeedback therapies

With an initial payment of $59 and monthly payments of $9.99 you’ll own the Bellabee by the 12th payment. You can use Bellabee’s pre-set protocols on your own or get one of our listed specialists to help you create a custom therapy program tailored to your individual needs. The Bellabee device can be returned to our warehouse in Texas at any time if you decide you no longer need it.

If at any time you feel that you do not need the Bellabee any more, that the job was done, you can mail it back to us.

Bellabee Programs

Harnessing the technology of neuromodulation, and as easy as wearing a headband, the Bellabee is designed to assist
with a huge range of brain related issues. See the full range of illnesses and issues the Bellabee can help with below.


Meditation helps people achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. It lowers stress levels, increases introspection, improves focus, and helps us be kinder to ourselves.

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Anxiety is the most common mental health problem across the world. It causes extreme fear or worry. Anxiety disorders are highly treatable, yet only 37% of people suffering receive treatment.

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Custom Therapy

Every brain is different with different needs. “Create Therapy” mode lets you fully customize the duration and frequency for your unique needs. Check out our user guides for help with customization.

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Stress related problems are on the rise due to our lifestyle choices and other causes. Stress is the feeling of emotional or physical pressure. It can come from any incident or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous.

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Improve your concentration, learning ability and working memory to improve your performance at work and school and reach peak performance in sports.

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Sleep is a vital indicator of overall health and well-being. Sleep deficiency can cause fatigue, irritability, anxiety, concentration problems, and depression.

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About Bellabee Treatment

How it works and what is required.


Bellabee Features

Top Reasons to get Bellabee Today.

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Welcome To Bellabee!

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Bellabee does not cure mental illnesses but helps in a great way with easing effects of their symptoms. Daily, whenever you need some additional help.

On the website you will see several examples, testimonials and information’s why Bellabee is so successful and widely used by specialists and individual users worldwide.

For example, with Alzheimer’s: we do not claim we can treat Alzheimer’s disease, but we are able to help individuals to get more quality sleep to enable neurons to wash out brain waste and helping individual to concentrate and boost the speed of neurons.

BELLABEE is a non-invasive and drug-free therapy that does not cure or treat medical conditions but compliments other therapies and can aid acceleration of the healing process. However, individuals are advised to consult their physicals before changing any medication.


PEMF therapy improves cellular oxygenation by enhancing circulation to the brain and by energizing brain mitochondria (the powerhouses of cells). These changes result in rapid and quicker natural brain cellular rejuvenation and restoration.